ID & Passport Reading Solution for Hotels


ID Box One + MRZ InputPro is a new generation ID cards and passport reading solution, with patented MRZ scanning technology. Just place the document in the device, there is no need to swipe. The software will automatically read and populate the guest’s information into the hotel PMS.

ID Box One + MRZ InputPro is compatible with all software systems, which allow populating data from keyboard.

ID BOX – ID BOX is a solution scanning the MRZ /machine readable zone/ of ID cards, passports and other types of ID, compatible with ICAO, i.e. all international passports and more than 140 types of ID around the world. Combined with the integration software STS MRZinput PRO, the read data is automatically populated in different types of software products. The technology is widely used in hotels, car rentals, tour agencies, banks and state institutions.

ID BOX is offered in two other versions, available to read the RFID chip from the ID, e.g. international passports, where the photo is extracted in digital format – ID Box 121. In countries where ID are combined with ChipSAM cards, ID box 151 can be used for reading data out of the chip.

STS MRZinput Pro integration software also reads and populates data from other MRZ reading devices. Full list of compatible devices you can find in Support. If you are interested in using the software with a device out of the list, please contact us for more information. We, Smart Tech Systems, are ready to add devices on clients’ request.

For More information / demo for PMS passport scanning solution for hotel contact IDV Technologies Africa on +971 56 915 7218 /


ID Box One + MRZ InputPro is compatible with all PMS systems which allow populating data from keyboard. Our customers work with: Micros Fidelio, Opera, Protel, Visual Matrix, Clock, and many others.


 ID Box One + MRZ InputPro supports all documents issued by more than 100 different countries, which use the ICAO standard. These are ID cards, all international passports, driving licenses, resident permits, some Visas and more.

Here is a full list of the supported personal documents, and we are constantly updating it:


Where I can use the ID Box One + MRZ InputPro:

  • Security Solutions

    Take charge in your company’s security. Know your customers and visitors and eliminate any potential threat.

  • Age Verification

    Reads the MRZ from all types of ID documents

  • Data Automation

    Collect customer data with a single scan of an ID and by eliminating lengthy paperwork.