Access control system suppliers in Africa

You visit this blog looking for best in range Door Access control system devices?  If yes then you are in the right place to buy right machine as per your organisation requirement and budget. There are multiple suppliers of Biometric access control and time attendance system available in Tanzania but there are only few genuine suppliers of high-class products and we are proud to say that IDV Technologies Africa is one of them.

Every sales & technical staff is highly experienced and self disciplined, we make sure that we will deliver the best service that makes you super happy. Our after-sales service is best in entire GCC &  countries. Yeah! this is the time to contact our team to get the best deals.

Best deals? Yes! every biometric product is come with assured discount. Be it HID, Invixium, Morpho, ZK, Iris ID, Farpointe or any product. IDV Technologies Africa  will give you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Every business and home has unique security requirements. Our site surveys allow us to design exactly the right solution for your needs, giving you peace of mind, knowing that the people and property you care about are safe and secure. All our access control systems can function on a stand-alone basis or integrated into a wider building security control system.

We also cater for high security installations that require such features as population count, muster lists, anti-passback, dual card entry or interlocking doors.

We can install standalone or integrated access control systems using latest technologies available. We also have a range of card and ID printers available.

Access Control device example

Access control computer security 

In computer security, general access control includes authorization, authentication, access approval, and audit. A more narrow definition of access control would cover only access approval, whereby the system makes a decision to grant or reject an access request from an already authenticated subject, based on what the subject is authorized to access. Authentication and access control are often combined into a single operation, so that access is approved based on successful authentication, or based on an anonymous access token. Authentication methods and tokens include passwords, biometric scans, physical keys, electronic keys and devices, hidden paths, social barriers, and monitoring by humans and automated systems.
Below is the list of Access control products we are dealing with, quality products with high security features:
morpho door access HID Access Control devices Farpointe access

Access Control Systems to meet Every Need, Every Situation

Are you looking for an access system that provides convenient entry to authorized persons with security measures for those who are not? Want to have control over who enters your stock room? Do you need to monitor entry of suppliers and visitors or to keep track of access to common or sensitive areas? Are you looking for an access system with an audit trail function that can be used for time sheet or payroll verification? IDVision offers a comprehensive service to meet every need and situation.

We are one of the ‘s leading suppliers of integrated access control systems and time attendance machines. We offer an extensive range of readers such as smart card, UHF and bio-metric readers as well as a variety of controllers and software packages.

Whether you want to limit certain areas to specific personnel, restrict access to sensitive areas, monitor movement within a building or protect entry to stock and supply rooms, our access control system solutions can become an integral part of your overall security system.

What is your need for an Access Control System?

  • Provide a safe environment for employees, visitors and contractors.
    – Protect people, facilities, networks and assets with comprehensive HID Global access control systems.
  • Identify who is in my building.
    – Know who is in your facility, manage their level of access and meet regulatory compliance objectives.
  • Control access to highly secure areas.
    – Solutions designed to protect your facilities requiring higher security, sensitive data, networks and critical or high value assets.
  • Manage access to commercial fleet fueling stations.
    – RFID enabled fueling automation system to monitor and control commercial fleet fuel access, cost, and billing.

Access control is any mechanism or system that manages access through the authorization or revocation of rights to physical or logical assets within an organization. Whatever your will be your requirement, we have one for everyone with from organisation ranging from small, medium to large.

Quality products from best supplier in Africa and finally here you can find all our access control products.  More questions? Drop your queries @