Access IS designs and manufactures innovative equipment that enables fast and accurate capture and transfer of information into electronic systems. From the world’s smallest OEM OCR reader (for integration into mobile devices) to advanced passport scanner we have complete range of document readers.

Over 75% of the products Access IS sell are application specific, so we are used to understanding our customers’ challenges and offering reliable and cost-effective solutions.

Access IS have a wide range of platforms on which to base new custom or semi-custom designs. Our world-wide customer base includes airports, retail point-of-sale, retail banking and financial institutions, public transportation , smart and mobile ticketing, and self-service kiosk manufacturers.

ACCESS-IS specialized in 2D barcode and NFC readers, Custom and specialist keyboards, Check-in and boarding gate readers, Handheld barcode readers, ePassport and eID readers, Mobile passport & ID readers, Kiosk OEM readers, Mag swipe readers (MSRs) & writers, OCR readers.


ACR7x Magnetic Swipe Reader
Mobile OCR and MRZ
OCR310e OEM Miniature
OCR640e Desktop Full page Document Imager
OCR315e/OCR316e USB passport scanner

IDV Technologies Africa  is the trusted supplier of Access IS passport scanners / readers, full-page, multi-illumination ePassport and eID card reading devices, Half page MRZ reader for passports with a variety of hood designs for optimum use. We deal in OCR 640e, OCR 315e, OCR 316 document readers.  These scanners comes with dramatically improved performance and a major leap forward in aesthetic design. Contact our Dubai office today for the best deals.