KOREA`s premier Banking Machines Equipment Manufacturer – PLUS Banking Machines continues to make excellent progress towards its vision of becoming a global leader in banking machines equipment services. Being world’s premier banking machines manufacturer companies, Plus Banking Machines deliver innovative,world-class products and services .

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This relentless focus on anticipating customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations are the main reason for growth and profitability.PLUS Banking Machines received a Number One ranking from the national major Banks and several government offices.

PLUS believes continuous innovation is the key to creating exceptional value for  customers. That belief has sparked market innovations such as the “One-Pocket Discriminator”,”Two-Pocket Discriminator” which are mainly adapted new advanced recognition technology.

IDV Technologies Africa offers you a wide range of currency counting machines to meet your money handling urge. Businesses like Banking,  Hotels, Money exchange / transfer firms, Stock Exchange and Retail outlets need to have the most modernized and accurate cash counters to run their business without any hurdle. So, currency counting machines are now widely being used worldwide due to its ease of use and accuracy.

In the brief, 36 years since the launch of PLUS company with the Banks as partner,have seen share of the Banknote Counter market grow tenfold-clear evidence of the success of innovation .PLUS Banking Machines Pledges to continue to deliver superior products and service embrace the highest ethical standards,and to support our valuable customers in which we operate.

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