As one of the leading supplier of access control system in Tanzania , our range of products varies from single door access control and standalone web-hosted access control to integrated systems capable of managing thousands of doors and alarm monitoring points across Africa. Our highly trained technical staff provide and maintain all access control products nation wide.

IDV Technologies Africa is a based company offering a variety of great biometric fingerprint, RFID, IRIS, Face recognition, Palm vein access control systems that are designed to keep your home and office completely safe at all times. When it comes to finding the right access control system for you, you will find that IDV Technologies Africa has just what you need. Our access control systems include HID, OT-MorphoFarpointe Data, Invixium, ZK biometric systems and a variety of proximity solutions from leading brands. All these brands are considered to be leading and trusted access control system suppliers in  and international market.

HID Access control

Idemia morpho biometric reader


Access Control system suppliers in Tanzania

  • Are your premises secure?
  • Who comes through your door?
  • Do you require special authorization for certain areas of your factory, business or plant?

When looking for a access control system that you can trust, take the time to IDV Technologies Africa We will ensure that you are provided with nothing, but the very best in terms of value for money and service excellence. Chat to one of our friendly and professional staff members about your company security systems and features today. We have been involved in the commercial electronic security industry since many years and are industry leaders in innovation and security solutions within ‘s corporate security sector.

Door Access Security System

If you do not want to use a key to get in to your home we can install a single or multiple door access card system that could not only be set up to open the door, but also to disarm your security system, turn on selected lights within the home, turn on air conditioning or heating and any other function you may require.

IDV Technologies Africa is a one-stop shop for the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of access control systems. Whether you require a new system or your existing system requires attention we offer a full range of services.

Contact us today to discuss your home, business and site solutions. We are the most reliable & trusted supplier of complete range of fingerprint, IRIS, Face Recognition, Palm Vein , RFID door access control systems in Dubai. .