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Our experienced security professionals assist you in designing, installing and maintaining access control systems, as well as modifying and upgrading systems to meet your individual requirements. Best after sales service in town, our solution offers advanced features at an affordable cost.

HID Access control provide a safe environment for employees, visitors and contractors.

hid-mobile-access HID Prox Readers HID iCLass SE Readers HID multiCLASS SE Readers
Mobile Access Prox Readers iClass SE Readers multi Class SE Readers
Breakthrough technologies meet the growing demands of a smarter, mobile-first world — while instilling confidence that identity data is secure and privacy is protected.  Featuring FlexSecur security coding, the high-quality Indala line of 125 kHz Proximity readers combines intelligent programming technology. Enables a new class of digital credentials that can be securely provisioned and safely embedded into both fixed and mobile devices. multiCLASS SE contactless smart card technology enables a new class of portable identity credentials that can be securely provisioned.

IDV Technologies Africa offers comprehensive solutions for workforce management, including time management and personnel scheduling, as well as customized and innovative security solutions, including access control, time attendance, video surveillance, security control centers, and visitor management. Tanzania basedaccess control suppliers with over 15 years experience in the & African continent.