Asure ID Card Personalization Software

It is the ideal choice for organizations looking for an affordable and even easier-to-use stand alone photo ID card software with advanced card design and batch printing capabilities. Additionally, Asure ID 7 is built on the Microsoft .NET technology platform for greater stability and interoperability.

Asure ID 7 Card Design Software by HID Global lets you easily design and populate your ID Cards and Badges. With powerful card design features – even in the entry-level versions – Asure ID easily moves you from ID data entry to card design to printing and reporting. Four Asure ID versions are available:

Asure ID® 7 Solo
Simple, entry-level card personalization software
Asure ID® Express 7
Powerful, stand alone card personalization software
Asure ID® 7 Enterprise
Card personalization for multiple workstations sharing a common database
Asure ID® 7 Exchange
Support for more sophisticated secure credential applications, providing advanced smart card functionality and laser engraving.

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