Delta Contactless Smart card Readers

In need of a FIPS-201, PIV, TWIC or ISO14443 solution? Farpointe Data’s Delta Contactless Smartcard Readers and Credentials comprise an advanced radio frequency identification (RFID) solution optimized for electronic access control. Delta makes use of MIFARE® technology, one of the leading industry standards for contactless smartcards, with an immense worldwide installed base. Delta also supports a wide range of contactless 13.56-MHz smartcard-based credentials, as well as the entire range of Delta credentials.

Contactless Smartcard Readers

Contactless smart card reader

Delta3 Contactless Smartcard Reader

With a compact design the model Delta3 may be mounted to metal door or window frames, and other flat surfaces.


Delta5 Contactless Smartcard Reader

With a thin profile the model Delta5 may be mounted to a standard North American single-gang wall switch box, and other flat surfaces.


Delta5.3 Contactless Smartcard Reader

With distinctive contemporary styling, the model Delta5.3 lends itself to mounting to a standard European-sized (60 mm) wall switch box, and other flat surfaces.


Delta6.4 Contactless Smartcard Reader and Keypad

The model Delta6.4 is designed to be mounted directly to a standard North American sized single-gang wall box, and integrates both a contactless smartcard reader (13.56-MHz) and a keypad into a single unit making it ideal for applications requiring an access credential and/or personal identification number (PIN).

Contactless Smart cards and Tags


DC1-1 Delta Clamshell Contactless Smartcard

The model DC1-1 is an ISO14443-compliant, clamshell-style contactless smartcard card with a 1K-byte memory. Constructed of durable ABS, it is backed by a lifetime warranty. Memory of the model number DC4-1 is 4K-bytes.


DM1-3 Delta ISO Contactless Smartcard

The model DM1-3 is an ISO14443-compliant, contactless smartcard card with a 1K-byte memory. Manufactured from glossy PVC, it is appropriate for dye sublimation imaging (ISO style). Model number with a magnetic stripe is DM1-3S. Memory of model numbers DM4-3 and DM4-3S is 4K-bytes.


DK1-3 Delta Keyfob Contactless Smartcard Credential

The model DK1-3 is an ISO14443-compliant key tag-style contactless smartcard credential with a 1K-byte memory. It is designed to be carried on a key ring, and includes a brass reinforcing eyelet. Memory of the model number DK4-3 is 4K-bytes

Quick Start Guides &amp Reference Documents

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What is contactless smart card reader?

A smart card is a device that includes an embedded integrated circuit that can be either a secure microcontroller or equivalent intelligence with internal memory or a memory chip alone. The card connects to a reader with direct physical contact or with a remote contactless radio frequency interface.  Contactless card readers are commonly used in below applications

  • For e-business and home banking applications
  • For Health Care Centers
  • For Enterprises and organizations
  • For NFC-enabled applications
  • For transport e-ticketing applications

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