Gemalto Document Reader QS1000

Gemalto QS1000 passport scanner

Ideal for commercial applications

The Gemalto  Document Reader QS1000​ is an entry-level full-page document reader. Compact and fast data capture make it ideal for commercial applications. The QS1000 offers visible and infrared imaging, and carries an IP50 rating for dust protection. SDK options include AssureTec™ data capture, MICROS® OPERA interface, visible zone, and Asian OCR.

The QS1000 inspects and images Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTDs) in a variety of market segments. This includes applications that are primarily focused on data capture opportunities in hotels, casinos, liquor stores, bars, and rental car companies.

Details of the QS1000 and key standard features

  • Fast and accurate data capture when there is no need to check if the document is genuine and not manipulated
  • Convenient 2D barcode reading from cell phones
  • Active video allows reading from various document orientations

Major features

  • Multiple document reading and imaging capability – imaging in 24-bit color
  • 400 DPI high resolution imaging
  • Scanning window 88mm x 125mm
  • Multiple wavelength illumination – visible and IR
  • OCR data capture
  • Complete access to OCR data and images captured via Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Enables images to be accessed as BMP, PNG or JPEG format
  • Auto-triggering of document capture – presence of document is automatically detected
  • USB 2.0 high speed compatible
  • No moving parts and comes with an IP50 rating for dust ingress protection​