Access IS is trusted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to equip its consulates and embassies around the world with data reading devices

All Hajj and Umrah tour operators and agents have been requested by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to purchase and use an electronic passport reader to process the passports of pilgrims.

Approved Device

With over 1,200 units deployed for the Saudi Arabian Government, Access IS’ OCR640 Hajj & Umrah Package is approved and trusted by Saudi Arabia MoFA to equip all its consulates and visa application centres around the World.

Please note that the interface between MoFA and our device is already integrated within the MoFA website.

As such, you won’t have to develop anything for this Hajj season – the machine is plug-and-play, ready to use.

If you wish to develop your own interfaces with other systems our software development kit makes this easily achieved.


The OCR640 Hajj & Umrah passport scanner is a full-page multi-illumination ePassport reader. It captures ultraviolet and infrared images, as well the full page of a passport in colour.

In a simultaneous single action the reader also decodes the machine readable zone (MSaveRZ) and processes RFID data – including the holder’s image – from the chip.

The OCR640 Hajj & Umrah passport reader automatically detects when a document with machine readable data has been presented. Additionally, it is able to compensate for out-of-position MRZ data, so that the advanced recognition engine reliably provides highly accurate and very fast document reading capability, allowing large volumes of documents and smart cards to be processed quickly and efficiently.The OCR640 Hajj & Umrah Package has a compact design, is robust and rugged. Its quality-assured manufacture ensures years of heavy-duty, frontline use.

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