HID FARGO DTC1500 Card Printer / Encoder



The ALL NEW HID FARGO DTC1500 Card Printer / Encoder offers the convenience and lower cost of high-capacity consumables along with a comprehensive feature set including innovative, easy-to-implement security elements. These benefits enable organizations to routinely issue highly secure cards and IDs at a fraction of the cost, without sacrificing quality.

Designed for government ID projects, universities and colleges, primary and secondary education, healthcare facilities, and small-to-medium corporations – the HID FARGO DTC 1500 Printer / Encoder boasts distinctive cost-saving and security features ideal for these organizations.

HID FARGO DTC 1500 Card Printer / Encoder Features include:

Innovative, built-in and easy-to-implement security features include:

  • Custom Overlay Watermark – Users can apply a customized, transparent security image such as a logo, symbol, or text – to be integrated as a permanent watermark within the printed card’s overlay panel – making duplication virtually impossible.
  • Resin Scramble Data Protection – This feature hides any information printed with a resin panel – rendering the panel unreadable.
  • Additional Security – Standard password protection and AES 256 data encryption provide additional peace of mind.

Low-cost, high-capacity consumables – High-capacity, full and half-panel color ribbons significantly lower cost-per-card and reduce total cost of ownership.

Resin threshold – Resin threshold allows for true “K-panel” printing when desired by allowing printer operators to manually set and adjust precisely when the resin K panel is utilized based on color concentration. As a result, text and barcodes are darker and more crisply defined.

Environmental features include:

  • GreenCircle® certified card printer (base model only without encoders).
  • Rewrite technology – no ribbon required.

Built-in, dual-side printing can be activated with the simple use of an RFID tag making after-purchase upgrades virtually effortless.

Ethernet standard with internal print server (note: Ethernet optional on BIS-Certified Units).

Contact, contactless and magnetic stripe encoding available (optional and field upgradeable).

Lamination available (optional and field upgradeable).

Common Associated Part Numbers include:
051400 – HID FARGO DTC1500 Single-side printer
051405 – HID FARGO DTC1500 Dual-side printer
051410 – HID FARGO DTC1500 Dual-side printer with Single-side lamination

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