ID BOX One – Desktop series e-Passport readerdesktop

Elyctis Features:  4-in-1: ISO14443 contactless reader, 2x ISO 7816 contact reader, ISO 7816 SAM reader, OCR scanner

Benefits:  Read any MRZ & contactless chip without user action. Cost efficient compared to complete datapage scanner. User-friendliness ergonomy then swipe-through solutions

Markets:  Any place where complete datapage scan is not needed and ease of use is required: Police identification, Airport check-in, Self service terminals, Border control, Hotels, Banks, Car rental companies

Customers:  Public and private companies requiring automatic identity verification

MRZ Reader for reading passports and ID cards

The MRZ Reader is a smart combination of an optical reader with a contactless reader. The Elyctis ID Box one takes high resolution  images in visible and IR illuminations. It is ideal for reading barcodes, identity cards, or ePassport.

  • It can make high resolution pictures
  • Long lifecycle, no maintenance required
  • Able to read the ICAO standard ePassports
  • One step RFID reading
  • Easy handling, no special training require

It is very fast, cost effective and due to it’s small dimension remain enough space for additional office activities. Our friendly sales team located in Dubai, will make sure you will get the best quality passport readers (Contact, contactless, MRZ, OCR Scanner) that requires automatic identity verification system.