IDV Technologies deals in industry leading ID card printer brands like Nisca, HID Fargo, Datacard ,Swiftcolor, Zebra and their consumables . We are one of the top Id card printing company in Tanzania who deal with entire range of plastic card printing solutions across African region.

We are the source of complete range of Plastic / PVC ID card printing products in the region.Solutions like Photo ID card Management system, PVC card printing  , Identity Card solutions, Digital Photo ID card Management , Identification & Verification solutions,Loyalty solutions etc.

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ID Card Printing Machines for every industry

IDV Technologies supplies top ID Card printing machines to Africa’s prominent Corporates , Educational institutions , Health Care sector Government dept’s,  Construction Companies, Registered Training institutes as well as many other industries.

We distribute ID card printer brands such as Fargo, Nisca, Datacard, swift color & the ID card designing software to Tanzania,Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Botswana, Kenya and other African countries.Whether you require an entry-level printer, mid range or the industrial printer we have them all . We provide single side printer, dual side card printers to most advanced multi-purpose machines which can do magnetic card encoding , contact & contactless smart card encoding , security hologram laminations .

Our printers produces high quality graphics, texts & barcodes – perfect for corporate ID, student ID , membership cards, gift cards, driving license , National ID , Guarantee cards, loyalty card etc.

Give us a call & let us help you decide on the best card printer, cards & software to personalize your own ID card .

Know more about ID card printing & Designing software

These five factors help you narrow your search .

1) Single sided or Dual Sided card Printer

Most card printer brands are available in either single or dual sided . Single sided are less expensive but require you to manually flip and re-print to the backside of the cards. Dual sided card printers will save you a lot of time on large batches as they print dual sided in one go by flipping the card automatically .

2) Dye Sublimation or Reverse Transfer

Dye sublimation printers are the most common & less expensive printer. They use a ribbon with panels to infuse color onto the card, but often leave a tiny white border on each card & limited print head life. Reverse transfer or retransfer printers use a ribbon & transfer film to achieve a higher quality print that ensure full bleed with no border which will have longer printhead as printhead doesn’t touch the card surface .

3) Volume Requirements

Customers who print larger volume will require printers with larger hopper capacity  ,faster print speeds and that have high yield ribbons available. on the other hand who only print small amounts can save money by purchasing a manual feed printer, or printers without high volume features .

4) Visual Security features

Having visual security features or Laminating ID cards greatly increases the durability & cost of ID card which is essential for cards which are used on regular basis  .Laminating the card can also be used to add holograms for high security. There are other economical ways to add visual security like watermarks, holographic cards & hotstamp .

5) Connection Type

You can connect directly ID card printers to PC with a USB cable. If you need to connect to a Mac, then select a printer which supports Mac drivers.  If you need to connect to a network to print using multiple computers then select printer with Ethernet or WIFI option .

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