IDV Technologies Africa provides software’s for all your ID card designing & printing needs including ID card design softwares.

Designing customized ID cards and badges, membership cards and customer loyalty cards has never been easier than with today’s ID badge software from industry leaders such as , HID (AsureID), cardpresso all available from IDV Technologies Africa.

These amazing photo id software applications offer drag and drop simplicity with powerful features that allow bar code creation, magnetic stripe encoding and smart chips all with just a few keystrokes and mouse clicks. Also, these ID badge software products allow you to import popular graphic formats so you can to incorporate your own logos and images easily. As part of a complete in-house card printing system, you’ll be producing custom ID cards almost instantly with these software programs.

IDV Technologies Africa can help you choose the best photo id and badge software for your ID card system. Contact our sales team for the most reliable id card design software solutions in Tanzania Africa.

asure id