Robust. Formidable. Tenacious.

Taking cue from its predecessor, SENSE 2 is a beast designed specially for the harsh outdoor environments.

An improvement over Invixium’s original showstopper for industrial environments, SENSE 2 does everything that SENSE was capable of and more. Devised to provide an immaculate experience in a myriad of harsh environmental conditions like construction sites, refineries, factories and hospitals, SENSE 2 is geared with the new and improved multispectral imaging Mercury sensor from Lumidigm. The new SENSE is configured with more processing power and memory and is engineered for maximum customizability and compatibility with multiple biometric sensors to fulfill a broad range of market requirements.


The new mercury sensor from Lumidigm provides high performance liveness detection preventing fraudulent use of fake or stolen biometric data. The multispectral fingerprint imaging technology incorporated into the sensor, enables SENSE 2 to operate in all environments with high quality fingerprint images for any finger type – dry, wet, dirty or in strong light. The Lumidigm sensor does this using multispectral imaging technology by simultaneously reading the surface and the subsurface to capture clear, clean images every time.


SENSE 2, like its ancestor, is equipped with a Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature which helps provide more flexibility for powering the device. The advantage of having PoE is that it allows a single cable to provide both data connection as well as electric power to the device, reducing the inconvenience caused by the presence of multiple wires and making the installation process that much simpler.

Device Powers Door Strike

An industry first from Invixium. SENSE 2 and TOUCH 2 can now be used to power the electric door strike directly to simplify the installation process for all our customers. Instead of needing 2 separate power sources – 1 for the device and 1 for the electric door strike, you now need only one source of power i.e. for the device. The device can then be used to power the door strike directly, saving you time, money and a lot of installation hassle!

Single Door Access Control

One of the most prominent features of all IXM devices is the single door access control feature. This feature allows the IXM products to be installed as standalone devices so as to control the access across just one door, without the need for a controller.

Presence Detect

The Presence Detect feature helps in elongating the life of the product and to save electricity costs for the user. The device does this with the help of a proximity sensor which lights up the LEDs as well as the sensor cavity when there is someone standing in front of it, and turns them off when not in use. To prevent the illumination of the LEDs and the sensor cavity due to regular movements around the device, the sensitivity of the Presence Detect feature can be controlled via the highly intuitive IXM WEB.

Specifications :

Processor ARM Cortex A8 – 1 GHz
Random Access Memory 512 MB DDR3L @ 303 MHz
Flash Memory – NAND 1 GB
Operating System Android® OS 4.1.2
Serial Communication RS – 232, RS – 485, USB-Aux
Ethernet 100BASE-T
Wiegand Customizable up-to 512 bits
USB USB 2.0 On – The – Go (OTG)
# of SPOs & SPIs 3 & 3
Door Access Controller 1A (1-Output, 2-Input, 1-Relay)
Door Strike Supply 12V – 24V (510mA – 250mA)
Anti-Shock Vandal Protection Standard
Auto On (Proximity Sensor) Yes (2 meters)
LEDs 1 (Power & Status)
Audio Speaker (2 Watts), Microphone
1: N Users (Records) 20K users (40K biometric records)
1 : 1 Users (Records) 100K users (200K biometric records)
# of Transaction Logs 500K
PoE+ IEEE 802.3at
Voltage & Current 12V – 24V DC (750mA – 500mA)
Operating Temperature -20˚ C to +60˚ C (-4˚ F to +140˚ F)
Regulatory Approvals and Certificates FCC, CE, RoHS, IP65