Key management and key control systems

KeyGuard’s key management and key control system was awarded the “Best Achievement 2017”, results of the International Forum Intersec Moscow / TB Forum 2017

The KeyGuard key management system has a sophisticated design that allows you to save more than three times as much space for wall mounting. Only authorized users with individually assigned access rights have access to the key. The time needed to give a key significantly reduces thanks to LED backlighting of the key storage cells.

The system may also be supplied with a solid metal door, transparent and made of polycarbonate, or even without a door. The control panel may be fixed either at the lower part of the housing, or on the right side. Two brackets are also included with the shipped unit. Implement the best key management system with ID vision Tanzania team’s expertise.

The physical appearance of a housing with a minimum depth allows a system to harmonically fit into the interior of a modern office, and the key control system is provided with enhanced possibilities of control and is easy to use.

Key management system

Key control and management

State-of-the-art key management, SmartKey Locker System

The keys are carried with intellectual key fobs with a built-in chip provided with a unique identifier and a 3mm stainless steel clamp. The chip data are used for key check and identification each time when you have to get a key from the storage or to put it back. Key fobs in different colours may be ordered.

Key holder cases may be used in order to increase security. In this case, keys are also carried with intellectual key fobs with a unique identifier, and then a key with a key fob is put into a holder case that may be sealed in a standard way. Standard key holder cases (70mm) and elongated key holder cases with a length up to 105 mm (length from the centre of the opening to the pointed end of the key) can be supplied.

Scope of application:

Business centres, large-scale enterprises, educational institutions, multi-functional complexes, governmental facilities, sport and leisure centres, motor transport enterprises, casinos and gaming industry, dispatcher’s offices, hotels and recreation facilities, and other locations.

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A big touch-sensitive display allows not only to operate the key control system easily, but also to quickly obtain any information you may be interested in, e.g. who has taken a key and when or in which key box at the object this key is now. You also can create and print reports of any kind with the help of a software included in the scope of supply.

Two readers (take/return) of the Wiegand format and the MorphoSmart finger print scanner from the worldwide biometric technology leader, French company ‘Safran’, are integrated in the display housing. The system enables access to the keys with an access card and/or fingerprint without need to enter additional information. If a key management system is integrated with a security alarm system, messages sent by the security alarm system, e.g. security status of the object and area setting/enabling confirmation, can be displayed online.

Easy to operate, easy to scale

The electronic KeyGuard key holder has been developed with a possibility to interact with security systems installed at the object. It is especially important that an interaction protocol is opened for integration partners – this allows to provide connection between the systems on every level. For instance, if an electronic key storage system is integrated with a security alarm system, the security control system is enabled/disabled fully automatically, when the key is returned/given out. An appropriate confirmation can be displayed on the screen of the key control system.

The system has a modular structure. You can order a system of any size starting with 10 keys and later enhance it up to several hundred keys. You can operate the system both locally, using the keyboard, and remotely, via the computer network, irrespectively of the amount and the size of the keys stored in the electronic key holders.

Robust and reliable key control system with the lowest cost in the city

  • Stop unauthorized access to keys
  • Generate custom reports to track key issue and return
  • Prevent lost or misplaced keys
  • Eliminate time-consuming key transaction record keeping
  • Give a user or group access to specific keys

We supply ex stock, in two colours: dark silver 5359AO445 and light RAL7038.

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