Proximity card 125 KHz also is called Low frequency cards (LF cards). They are widely used with its low price and simple operation.

They are commonly used in application such as access control ,payment cards & staff identification etc.

We provide wide range of proximity 125KHz cards. EM and TK4100 (EM compatible) are very popular ones .

Key Future
– Dimensions: CR80 85.5 x 54mm
– Thickness: 0.84mm
– Card Surface: Matt/ glossy finish
– Housing: Lamination
– Working Frequency: 125KHz
– Reading Distance: 6cm typically
– Data storage time: 10 years
Printing Option
– Offset printing
– Silkscreen printing
– Metallic gold/silver
Magnetic Stripe Option:Loco 300oe,650oe,Hico 2750oe, 4000oe
– Numbering: Jet dot printing, Thermal printing,Laser,UV inkejet printing
– Bar code,e.g : EAN13,Code 39,Code 128,etc
– Signature panel
– Encoding
Hole Punching ,Embossed, Hologram
Hot-Stamping silver/gold
-Scratch off
Chip option
Chip Supplier Memory Readr Write Protocol
TK4100 Tatwah Design 64 bits R/O 18000-2
EM4200 EM Marin 64 bits R/O 18000-2
ATA5567/5577 Atmel 330 bits/363 bits R/W 18000-2
EM4450 EM Marin 1 Kbits R/W 18000-2
Hitag1 NXP 2048 bits R/W 11784/11785
Hitag2 NXP 256 bits R/W 11784/11785
HTS256 NXP 256 bits R/W 11784/11785
HTS2048 NXP 2048 bits R/W 11784/11785
Hitag uR064 NXP 64 bits R/O 11784/11785
EM4205 EM Marin 512 bits R/W 11784/11785
EM4305 EM Marin 512 bits R/W 11784/11785

Leading Proximity 125khz card supplier in Dubai,

Proximity cards can’t hold more data than a magnetic stripe card. Only contactless smartcards can hold other type of data like electronic funds balance for contactless payment systems, history data for Time & Attendance or biometric templates. When used without encoding data, only with the Card Serial number, contactless smartcard have similar functionalities to Proximity cards.
The one advantage of 125kHz is that due to the lower power requirements and small amount of data being transmitted, it offers a good read range (of around 10cm) and a short read time, allowing users to present, swipe, or wave their card in the general direction of the reader to get a successful read. Yes you are the right place to buy all types of proximity readers and cards. IDV Technologies Africa is most trusted supplier of Proximity cards, 125khz cards in Dubai, . contact us now!