IDV Technologies Africa supplies genuine smart card readers and writers, we deal with ACS , OMNIKEY, TACTIVO smart card readers.

Access control is continually evolving. Keeping the access control architecture up-to-date with changes in compliance, functionality and security can be a daunting task. IDV Technologies Africa’s multi-technology smart card readers / writers enable gradual migration to new standards – reducing impact on resources if swift change is necessary.




What are Smart card readers / writers?

A smart card reader is an electronic device that reads smart cards and can be found in the following form keyboards, external devices, some laptop models.

A smart card reader is a data input device that reads data from a card-shaped storage medium. The first were punched card readers, which read the paper or cardboard punched cards that were used during the first several decades of the computer industry to store information and programs for computer systems. Modern card readers are electronic devices that can read plastic cards embedded with either a barcode, magnetic strip, computer chip or another storage medium.

There are two types of smart cards, contact and contactless. Both have an embedded microprocessor and memory. The smart card differs from the proximity card in that the microchip in the proximity card has only one function: to provide the reader with the card’s identification number. The processor on the smart card has an embedded operating system and can handle multiple applications such as a cash card, a pre-paid membership card, or an access control card.

Smart Card benefits

  • Secure
  • Safe to transport
  • Double as an ID card
  • Prevents Fraud
  • Processing Power

Most smart cards have a small CPU, which means that they can do things other than parrot data stored in the card. The CPU can protect the information,

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