GemView 10 Tablet Display


TD-LBK101VA-USB-R USB Backlit -The Topaz GemView™ 10 Tablet Display provides all the display advantages of a high-performance tablet with none of the IT drawbacks.With its half-page, 10.1″ diagonal, high-resolution display and electronic pen, the GemView 10 allows for signing documents, playing videos, running ads, and much more.

 All GemView Tablet Displays come bundled with Topaz software solutions for GemView, including apps for PDF creation, signing, and annotating (by the PC user, by a client in a one-on-one environment, and by multiple clients in a one-to-many environment), SDKs for development, and more.It also provides the benefits of secure biometric Topaz forensic signatures. The LCD display allows users to see their signature while signing.