Types of Access Control Systems

Access Control allows authorised individuals or vehicles to enter, exit and gain access to a location. Access Control is often combined with CCTV Cameras or intercom systems to identify the movement of people or vehicles. We deal in various types of Biometric Access Control Systems. IDV Technologies Africa is one of the trusted supplier of Bio metric Access Control systems in Dubai, & entire region.

If you take security seriously, take a look at all the different types of access control systems

Combination Keycode / Proximity Access Control

The Ness Combination access control system is a neat little unit. It can be used in a stand alone mode or integrated into your security / access control system.

For access, you can either enter a PIN or present a card or fob. Suitable for low to medium security applications. Ideal for front gates, to complement your intercom system.

Proximity Card Access Control

Proximity is the most widely used these days. Providing a cost effective medium level of security. By presenting an access card or fob to a reader, the card energises and presents a set of credentials to the reader, which the system can evaluate and determine whether access should be authorised or not. If so, then the system will unlock the door.

This system is given a medium security rating for a couple of reasons. Any given card is not guaranteed to be dedicated to one particular site. There could be a site somewhere, where when this same card is presented, could permit access. This is obviously a rare occurrence and unlikely, however possible.

The second reason is the proximity card will automatically transmit its credentials when it comes within range of a reader, so hypothetically, this card can be skimmed.

Smart Card Access Control

Smart cards are very similar in operation to proximity cards with one unique difference in its operation. Unlike a proximity card, when it comes into range with a reader, before it releases its credentials, it will seek to match a high-level security code that is stored in the card and the reader. Once this security code is matched, will only then the card release it credentials to the reader for evaluation.

This eliminates the risk of skimming as the unique code is programmed in the card and reader at the time of programming the card and gives thus rates smart cards for a high security solution. Consequently the cost of this system is higher, as the cards and readers are more expensive, and a smart card programmer is required to programme cards

Biometric Access Control

Biometric or fingerprint readers are starting to become more widely used. They have always been considered expensive and suited very high security applications, where in some cases dual verification is required by entering a PIN and presenting your finger.

Few of our Access Control systems are

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HID Door Access Control Systems

HID Access Control devices

Morpho Access Control Systems

morpho door access

Farpointe Data Access Control

Farpointe access

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