VALCam Pro PanTilt & Zoom Camera with USB

The VALCam USB Deluxe System is simply the most advanced image acquisition solution for Photo ID applications available.

Item # 8500-630


The VALCam USB Deluxe System is simply the most advanced image acquisition solution for Photo ID applications available. A simple double click will center an image in under a second. Unlike other auto cropping systems the results are viewable immediately on your computer screen. This feature is invaluable for law enforcement applications when documenting scars and tattoos.

When you purchase a VALCam, rest assured that we will stand behind our product. Our camera systems are built to be a long term solution for your Photo ID needs. If a camera system issue cannot be resolved with our tech support we will overnight a new unit at our expense. After the warranty period we will continue to offer tech support and service for the lifetime of the product. We also provide guidance for the initial set up to insure you are getting the optimal quality expected from Video Associates Labs.



  • The VALCam provides high resolution crystal clear images for consistent quality
  • High intensity photo-flash provides consistent captures in any lighting environment, even completely dark rooms
  • Subject distance can range from under 2 feet to greater than 20 ft, unlike digital cameras
  • Red and Blue gain controls provide color compensation to deliver perfect skin tones in any room with any printer
  • The VALCam high end imager matches pvc card printer resolutions for direct printing without scaling or excessive cropping, unlike most digital cameras


  • Once Click Auto Positioning feature. Double click on any subject feature to frame the image in under a second
  • Click, Drag and Release feature. Position any body part to any position on the screen immediately
  • Administrative lock on camera controls to increase consistency in imaging
  • Real-time optical Pan/Tilt and Zoom from the mouse or keyboard


  • The VALCam provides real-time preview at full resolution on the computer monitor.
  • The VALCam provides a cropped display in real-time to match the picture box on your card design
  • Frame your shots exactly as they will appear on your card. What You See Is What You Get
  • Fast captures in under a second without flash, less than 2.5 seconds with flash
  • Includes twain interface for direct connectivity with all major badging applications
  • Save images to JPG, BMP or clipboard
  • Full SDK available for low level integration into custom applications


  • Unlimited tech support
  • New unit hotswap provided for first year
  • Typically ship warranted parts overnight


Minimum System Requirements for VALCam Zoom & Deluxe Cameras
  • Microsoft® Windows® 2000, XP or Vista
  • 800 MHz or higher processor clock speed (1+ GB recommended)
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 1 GB RAM
  • 800 x 600 screen resolution (1024 x 768 recommended), 24-bit color (32-bit recommended)
  • At least 200 MB free hard disk drive space (dependent on stored images

VALCam USB Zoom+ Badging Camera

The VALCam USB Zoom+ badging camera is compatible with Software House’s C•CURE ID photo identification software package. Connect the hardware, run the auto setup program, and you are ready to go. Full control of zoom and brightness is immediately available from the user interface via mouse or keyboard. The VALCam uses only high grade CCD sensors with the finest optics to produce the sharpest and clearest images available. The white balance option provides the highest color accuracy and the unique flash technology offers consistent high quality results that can be fine tuned for the perfect image.The valcam usb camera is designed specifically for image acquisition in photo-id applications. All aspects of the photo-id process have been optimized to offer the most advanced camera system available. IDV Technologies Africa supply best in class VALCam USB camera’s for the best price across Dubai, Africa. Contact our sales team today for the best deal.


  • Powerful high intensity flash for perfect captures from 18 inches to 14 feet
  • Crystal clear, low noise image quality for the very best image captures
  • Specific controls for fine-tuning flesh tones to achieve perfect image replication
  • Auto-focus, 18 to 1 optical zoom (72 to 1 digital) under C•CURE controls
  • Administrative lock on camera controls to increase consistency in imaging
  • Full Optical Zoom control from the mouse or keyboard
  • Perfect captures anytime, anywhere even in completely dark rooms
  • Fast image transfer to C•CURE for speedy throughput
  • Save images as .jpg or .bmp, or to clipboard