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How will it benefit my organisation?


Optimize, analyze, measure – Maximize your revenue

VEMCOUNT PEOPLE COUNTING SOLUTIONS -People counting / footfall counting is the key to retail analytics. Integrating people counting into existing KPI reports gives you conversion rate and better understanding of your store when used in benchmark to strive for consistency.

Vemcount helps you to identify the busiest time of your store by hour, day or week in order to deploy staff more effectively.


  • Track each customer and identify the time they are spending in the store
  • Measure customer flow at entrance, specific areas, and different store levels
  • Find out how many customers pass by the store, compared to the number of visitors
  • Analyze hot and cold spots in the store based on customer flow
  • Find out how many customers left the store without buying
  • Quantify how long your customers are spending in each section of your store
  • Monitor the performance of your store in real time on your personal Dashboard
  • Rank your stores performance based on visitors and sales data
  • Customers hate to wait – measure the queue time and minimize it
  • Reduce your cost by integrating your existing people counters into our unique software

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Automatically combine your Footfall & Sales data – all in one platform

shopping-mall people counting systems

The performance of any shopping centre is highly dependant on visitor traffic. Measuring the traffic is therefore an essential key performance indicator for shopping mall operators wanting to increase operational effectiveness and improve leasing strategies. Complicated sales data collection, huge Excel files and time-consuming analysis are now history. Tenants can easily report their sales figures online from any computer or by a smart phone/tablet.


  • Understand the captive & conversion rate i.e. what is the spend per visitor
  • Rank stores with each other based on visitors and sales data performance
  • Motivate stores, by sharing ranking and sales rapports with them
  • Improving sales performance at store level by receiving valuable reports based on KPI
  • Analyze hot and cold spots in the mall based on customer flow
  • Measure occupancy of your mall in real time and its constituent floors/zones
  • Understand visitor traffic patterns across different time periods from a single or multiple malls
  • Determine which sections are most popular and which are mostly avoided
  • Understand how major anchor stores impact shopper traffic
  • Optimize staffing, maintenance and security based on traffic predictions


Build customer loyalty – predict queues

Research proves that queuing at the checkout is the number one cause of customer dissatisfaction. Shoppers hate to wait in queue. Conversely, short queues – and, critically, the expectation of short checkout queues – are key ways to build customer loyalty and encourage spending.

Without an increase in the number of staff, a good queue measurement can provide significant business benefits. Queue measurement implementation has paid for itself within just months of correct usage.



  • Optimise employee time through predictive queue based checkout opening / closing features
  • Reduce queues, increase shopping time and basket size
  • Schedule staff based on typical traffic patterns – align staff with peaks of demand
  • Locate/move staff relative to real-time service needs
  • Determine the required staff to shopper ratios
  • Match skill sets of staff to ensure optimum customer service levels
  • Forecast queue demand by measuring flow on entries and reallocate staff
  • Measure queue lengths and individual queue times – individual customer or shopping unit
  • Generate real time alert
  • Track people waiting in groups, or “shopping units” such as families
  • Dubai has largest number of supermarkets in the region and Vemcount is the most reliable solution


Real-time analytics of your visitors’ behavior

Accurate traffic data is essential for the operation of public institutions. People counting data is often necessary for grants and government funding which are based on usage of the facility. For safety reasons, public locations are often rated to hold a limited number of people.

We help libraries, parks, museums, national monuments and similar locations to measure visitors and behavior.

Retail people counter


  • Report number of visitors on a regular basis
  • Ensure that the building is below the safe level of occupancy
  • Plan shifts for employees
  • Measure loan percentage (# of loan transactions / visitors)
  • Benchmark several institutions with each other
  • Profile institutions according to their visitors’ behavior
  • Measure special event attendance
  • Measure occupancy of your institution in real time
  • Optimize staffing, maintenance and security based on traffic predictions


Boost business performance by understanding your traffic flow

In order to improve waiting time, optimize the traffic and increase passenger satisfaction, it is very important to understand the traffic flow from each entrance.

Our solution provides a complete understanding of store performance and evaluation of traffic related data for more effective marketing and operational decisions within airports.

airport people counter


  • Understand the traffic flow of airport users across the airport terminal
  • Identify the hot spots and cold spots
  • Number of airport users entering a retail store/shop
  • Rank stores with each other based on visitors and sales data performance
  • Motivate stores, by sharing ranking and sales rapports with them
  • Analyze and understand the passenger behavior and trends
  • Measure passenger dwell time (times pending in the retail area)
  • Understand passenger waiting times (airline checkin terminals, immigration and security)
  • Accurate traffic counting to optimize retail staff planning per shift
  • Understand the sales KPI i.e. conversion rate or sales per visitor

All modern devices supported

A fast and secure private-cloud or hosted solution that provides you with analytics data, whenever you need it

browsers supporting vemcount

Private cloud or Hosted solution

Security and speed are our top priorities. We have cloud servers in 3 different continents (Europe, Asia, America), giving our customers the best possible online experience wherever they are in the world. You can choose to either have Vemcount installed on your private cloud or use our hosted solution.

Hosted solution

  • Lower to zero IT Maintenance/Staff cost
  • No downtime, no reboots
  • Faster report generation
  • Accessibility from different networks
  • No hardware purchases needed
  • And most importantly, help save the environment
  • Monthly fee, pay as you go

Private cloud

  • Greater limit of historical data
  • Closed within the private network
  • No internet connection needed
  • Can still be accessed across different networks
  • Automatic updates
  • Know your budget – one off price

Replacing your hardware is a big expense which often leads to companies being stuck with their current provider. With Vemcount your old hardware is reborn without the need of a total rollout-replacement. Devices from companies like Axis, Brickstream, Cisco, Cognimatics, Delopt, Hella, Irisys, Nomi & Xovis are already integrated into Vemcount.

Integrate your POS data from any cash register provider, to calculate your KPI’s, and automatically export it into your Business Intelligence.

footfall counting systems

If your device is not mentioned then feel free to contact us and we`ll figure out a way to integrate your own people counting devices.

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