ACR7x Magnetic Swipe Reader (MSR)

The ACR75 and ACR76 magnetic stripe card readers are manual swipe readers of high and low coercivity magnetic cards. Intuitive to use, the ACR7x magnetic stripe readers (MSRs) read high or low coercivity magnetic cards in either swipe direction.

The ACR75 communicates as a USB Keyboard device and does not usually require a device driver to be installed. Configuration settings can be programmed and downloaded using Access IS SoftProg utility and stored within the reader. Header and terminators and data track selection and options to configure transmission of Start and Stop Sentinels and LRC data elements can be set.

The ACR76 is a USB custom HID device. It is used with the Access-IS ASPS driver which allows users to choose data format as keyboard or serial data. In addition parsing options can be configured to allow specific fields of data to be tested and conditional output formatting or data extraction rules to be set. The rules are stored as a registry setting allowing an easy method for upgrade.


  • USB interface
  • Software fully configurable
  • LED indication of read status
  • Compact design
  • Bidirectional swipe
  • Optional mounting brackets enabling readers to be mounted at almost any angle.



  • Point of sale credit and debit card transactions
  • Access control and time management
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Club or library membership management
  • Computer security