OCR34x Combined OCR & MSR Reader

These combined OCR and MSR readers are designed for a range of applications where optical character and magnetic swipe card reading is required such as airport systems.

The dual illumination OCR reader captures commonly used code lines including OCR-A, OCR-B and IATA specified fonts used on passports, visas, US Resident Alien Cards and European national ID cards. For fraud prevention and reconciliation purposes it can capture OCR stock control numbers and ticket numbers printed on thermally printed ATB coupons and TAT documents, as well as read the IATA bar code ticket number.

The four-track magnetic card reader is suitable for loyalty and credit card data.

The OCR34x is extremely compact. Optional mounting brackets are available to enable the reader to be mounted at almost any angle and integrated into the smallest immigration, gate or check-in desk.

Host connection is via a standard RS232 using a detachable cable or standard USB. OCR34x’s are low power devices and can usually be powered from a PC keyboard or USB port. An auxiliary RS232 port allows connection of a decoded bar code scanner and to ensure future upgrades, new firmware to add and modify features can be down-loaded to the unit.

Access supply keyboards with integrated MSRs and other devices: see the custom keyboard page or airline keyboard page.


  • Airline passenger travel document reading at the check-in desk, the boarding gate and at immigration
  • Collection of APIS data

General Features

  • Simple hand swipe operation with bidirectional read
  • Compact design and very small footprint
  • RS232 connection (contact sales for USB interface option)
  • Firmware download / upgrade capability
  • Typically no external power supply required
  • Bidirectional read

OCR Reader Features

  • Reads machine readable passports, visas and travel cards conforming to ICAO Document 9303
  • Reads documents conforming to IATA Recommended Practice 1720a for ATB and TAT tickets

Magnetic Swipe Reader Features

  • Reads ISO 1,2 & 3 track credit cards
  • IATA ATB2 722C format T1,T2,T3 & T4
  • Wide range of swipe speeds
  • Long life magnetic head

OCR340 Product Selector

Part Number Interface Housing Colour
OCR340 RS232 Cool white
OCR341 RS232 Dark grey
OCR342 USB Cool white
OCR343 USB Dark grey