ActivID Authentication

HID offers a broad portfolio of hardware and software-based One-Time Password tokens (ActivID Authentication ), which unlike offerings from other leading vendors, can be initialized at time of issuance, and do not expire.

Download the Authentication Devices data sheet for more details on HID Global’s complete range of OTP tokens.



ActivID® Soft Tokens

An OTP token App for tablets and smartphones.



ActivID® ActivKey® USB Tokens

A smart USB Token for PKI-based security



HID® ActivID® BlueTrust Token
BlueTrust Token is for multi-purpose applications such as FIDO U2F, OATH over Bluetooth and NFC communications. This token offers an ultimate user experience for IT access.



ActivID® One-Time Password (OTP) Tokens

Organizations can use a variety of portable, easy-to-use OTP Tokens to strengthen their access security.