HID Crescendo cards

Crescendo is a series of multi-technology smart cards that provide users with highly secure access to the door and IT resources. HID Crescendo cards combine technologies, services, and know-how with unique attributes to deliver a trusted solution for secure identity-related applications. The out-of-the-box, standards-compliant cards offer support for existing physical access control and strong authentication applications.

HID Crescendo® Temporary Access Card
Ready to use, PIV-like credential designed for visitors that are not PIV-eligible. It does not require deploying new credential management or PKI infrastructure.


HID Crescendo C1100 Series


Open and standard-based smart card for Identity Assurance Solution

HID Crescendo C1150 Series


Out-of-box smart card for converged access (logical and physical access control) for immediate deployments with Microsoft mini-driver based applications as well as HID’s ActivIdentity products.

HID Crescendo C1300 Series


Dual interface card for future proof and advanced security installations. It features an HID Seos vault for compatibility with the HID iCLASS SE ecosystem



HID Crescendo 144K FIPS Series
Hybrid card with United States National Institute of Standards and Technology NIST FIPS 140-2 certification. Available with a choice of Seos, iCLASS, MIFARE Classic or MIFARE DESFire physical access.

HID Crescendo PIV
Dual Interface card approved by the United States General Services Administration as a FIPS 201 compliant PIV credential that is part of the HID Global PIV Enterprise and PIV Express solutions