Ten-print scanner with interactive touch screen display

The Guardian 300 is ideally suited for border control, national ID, employee background check and other high-volume fingerprint capture applications. The user-friendly, 5 inch color touch screen clearly displays and guides users with interactive instructions.

FlexFlat and FlexRoll features enable the clean capture of prints almost anywhere on the platen. Patented Auto Capture functionality ensures a rapid, high quality image capture without operator engagement — eliminating the guesswork, errors and range of possible reprint issues. These features improve the applicant experience, expedite the process and free the operator to focus on critical screening tasks.


  • Intuitive user guidance and workflow control via integrated, touch screen display
  • Superior wet and dry print capture without pretreatment or recalibration
  • Intelligent capture mode ensures quality images
  • Rapid auto capture improves efficiency

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