Mobile Dual Iris Capture Device


  • Simultaneously captures both irises in less than ten seconds for safe enrollment and foolproof identity verification
  • Compact size and durable lightweight design enable the device to be easily deployed in various adhoc settings
  • Iris images are captured automatically meeting, or exceeding, quality standards
  • Flexible deployment options include mounting I SCAN 2 on a tripod or using the device with a goose-neck support in a stationary scanning station
  • An integrated visor folds out to accurately set optimum focal length and shield the eyes from direct sunlight
  • The I SCAN 2 operates in total darkness to meet the most stringent safety protocol

I SCAN 2 easily transforms any USB enabled computer system equipped with Crossmatch enrollment software into an integral part of a comprehensive biometric identity management solution or you can create your own application with the versatile L Scan Essentials SDK.