Compact Ten-Print Scanner

Advantages  patrol-ID

  • Intuitive system—requires no training
  • Ergonomically friendly design
  • Easy to understand user guidance by illumination and fully automatic image capture
  • Instant quality check feedback to the user
  • The illumination technique allows the capture of high-quality images regardless of skin color and age
  • Auto Capture of left and right hands and both thumbs
  • Ultra lightweight and portable
  • Provides a value-priced option, suitable for any office environment
  • Water and dust protected housing

Designed for the fast growing application flats market, Patrol ID provides an economical approach to Appendix F certified ten-print capture. Users can quickly capture fingerprint data for background checks and identity validation programs. Used worldwide to enroll applicants and confirm identities for use cases such as voter registration and national ID programs, the Patrol ID is a cost effective approach for definitive biometric-based identity enrollment and verification without sacrificing quality image capture.