• Built-in carrying handle for easy transport.P-401-bank-note-counter
  • Operator-variable presenting from 1 to 999.
  • ADD function- Available for accounting the numbers of counted notes.
  • Stops and sounds alarm for the possible errors (Double, Short, Chain, Half)
  • Enhanced self diagnostics.
  • Optional remote Customer display(Option)
  • Ultra-Violet & Magnetic counterfeit detection. (option)
  • Size detection for both length and width direction (option)
  • Optional hopper guider to increase the hopper capacity up to 500 sheets (option)


Dimensions 285mm(W) X 198mm(H) X 250mm(D)
Weights Approx 5.3kg
Size of countable note 50mm X 100mm ~ 100mm x 181mm / 0.06mm x0.12mm
Counting speed Three selectable speed 800, 1000, 1,200 notes/mn
Feed system Roller friction type
Hopper capacity 300 sheets (Optional 500sheets)
Stacker capacity 200 sheets
Power Free Voltage (AC 86V ~ 256V, 50/60Hz)
Power consumption 40W

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