The Plus P506 is a high volume Currency Counter which counts bills (old and new) up to 1500 bills per minute. Compact design. High capacity document feed .  Three models available:  P506 (no counterfeit detection), P506 2MD (with Magnetic counterfeit detection), P506 2MD/UV (with Magnetic & Ultraviolet counterfeit detection). Optional RS-232C interface and customer display.


  • Large LED display. Membrane control panel with tactile feedback.P 506 bank note counter
  • Built-in dust removal system. Enhanced self-diagnostics with alarm and flashing message.
  • Operator – variable presetting from 1-999.
  • Ten digit keypad for batching setting.
  • Preset batches: 100, 50, 25, 20, 10 notes.
  • Self-lubricating sealed bearings, 15 gauge steel frame, precision machined roller shafts, long life urethane rollers and high impact, easy to clean plastic case.
  • High speed cash counting machine
  • Ultra-Violet & Magnetic counterfeit detection


Dimensions 10.3″ (W) x 9.8 ” (L) x 11.3″ (H)
Weights Approx 6.4 kgs
Size of countable note 50mm X 100mm ~ 100mm x 193mm

Thickness 0.06mm x0.12mm

Counting speed Three selectable speed 1000, 1,200 ,1500 notes/mn
Feed system Roller friction type
Hopper capacity 500 sheets
Stacker capacity 300 sheets
Power Free Voltage (AC 86V ~ 256V, 50/60Hz)
Power consumption 40W

If you deal with cash everyday then looking after your trading income is a time consuming exercise that will be hugely improved from the use of a banknote cash counter, ensuring that the money you are given is not only genuine, but also accounting for the correct amount of cash is crucial.

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