ELYCTIS e-Passport and e-ID reader

ELYCTIS develops hardware devices and software applications dedicated to Secure Identity (e-ID, e-passport scanners).

ID BOX One – Desktop series is a new e-Passport and e-ID scanners that reads the components of a document with a single user’s movement, ensuring ease of use and time-saving efficiency. Thanks to its innovative shape, the user reads the MRZ and the content of the chip at once.

ID BOX One - passport scanner
passport scanner

ID BOX One – Attach series directly snaps on a kiosk, an automat, or any type of equipment providing easy path to systems integrators willing to include ePassport or ID card reading on their existing automats. Thanks its single antenna design and thin MRZ scanner, ID BOX One Attach is the smallest static eID reader of the market, allowing to read Passports, eIDs, etc. without movement from the user.

ID BOX Age is a fast and convenient device that allows to read the MRZ of an ID document, and checks if the cardholder fulfills age regulations. Results are given visually by means of LED’s, and sound.

Our products supports all industry standards: ICAO, IAS, ISO-7816, ISO-14443, PC/SC, and FIPS. They are compliant with all ICAO specifications and recommendations: BAC, PA, AA, EAC and SAC.

Headquartered in Pertuis, France, ELYCTIS specializes in the development of hardware and software dedicated to Secure Identity Documents (e-passport, e-ID card, e-driver license, …). The company, created in 2008, has a longstanding expertise in eID projects, as well as hardware and software developments.

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ELYCTIS software reads and scan your valuable documents in a secured way and it supports Arabic language. Our passport reader products are designed to meet the latest demands of travel document reading, passport reading, visa and ID card OCR reading. We offer a range of products from a full-page passport scanner (passport capturing and recognition device) to a multi-row OCR reader for the MRZ. The RFID reading technology is also integrated part of our new passport reader models. Yes, we make sure you will get the high quality passport readers for the best price in , , Algeria, Africa ,

We offer a wide range of passport readers and software solutions for hotels, banks, insurance companies, security organizations, airlines, car rental companies, immigration, hospitals, border control authorities, travel agencies, etc.

Our systems are customized for countries worldwide to meet local regulatory requirements. We assure that you will get the best passports readers in Dubai from IDV Technologies Africa. Contact us now!