TEAM Nisca printers are reliable, affordable & high quality output plastic card printers .

IDV Technologies Africa is exclusive supplier for entire range of Nisca ID card Printers in Africa .
Some of the popular Nisca Printer models are PR-C101, PR-C151  ,PR-5350 and PR-C201 Retransfer PVC Card Printers . For best deals on Nisca printers contact IDV Technologies Africa on
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TEAM NISCA Printer Ribbons
Buy Nisca PR-C201 Retransfer Printer in Africa
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Nisca PR-C101 Printer

PR5350 features with elements such as UV printing capabilities, micro text formatting, lamination, Magnetic Stripe encoding, and Smart Card features — so you can build a fully customized ID card issuance program from one simple, yet sturdy, platform. NiSCA’s PR-C101, on the other hand, offers an entry-level ID printer that you can use easily right out of the box.

IDV Technologies Africa carries a comprehensive line of Nisca ID card printers, ID card software, and ID card supplies in Africa. We can help you build a solution that provides your employees and customers with efficient and effective ID access to your resources. IDV Technologies Africa is the exclusive Authorized supplier for Nisca ID card printers in  Africa .

Since the NiSCA Plastic Card printer’s introduction into the marketplace in 1994, NiSCA printers have been producing high quality full color plastic cards for Corporations, Education, and Government organizations. With thousands of hard working printers and hundreds of loyal Dealers, VAR’s, and System Integrators around the world, NiSCA continues to be the leader in the Identification Card Printing market place. NiSCA Corporation offers a broad product line from plastic card printers to document scanning systems to paper handing systems for the photocopier industry. The company’s ability to manufacture many of its required components is critical to our success in controlling quality and reliability in our product offering. NiSCA technological leadership is obvious market wide:

  1. Delivered the first dual sided printer, 1994
  2. Delivered the first easily changeable ribbon cassette, 1994
  3. Delivered the first self-aligning print head, 1996
  4. Delivered the first modular lamination unit, 1996
  5. Delivered the smallest dual printing and laminating system, 2000

TEAM NISCA plastic card printers in Africa are sold through IDV Technologies Africa . To know more contact us