Signotec Delta Colour LCD Signature Pad

The signotec Delta Signature Pad is designed for applications where it is important to be able to read complete documents before signing them. A4-documents are displayed in their original width. You can comfortably scroll through the document by using the pen. You can start the downward (or upward) document sliding only by brushing the screen with the pen tip. This motion will start the screen scrolling. It is the ideal solution for banks, government agencies as well as for companies where complex documents must be read before signing.

However, the technique used is unique. Unlike other 10-inch devices on the market, the signotec Delta Signature Pad is a true signature pad and not a simple monitor extension. The signotec Delta has the same SDK as all other signotec Signature Pads and is also integrated in all applications. What are the advantages of this? As an integrator and developer, you can fully interact with the pad: Download PDF documents to the pad, create your own graphics, images and texts, create buttons and capture the signature in various formats.

The signotec Delta Signature pad is equipped, naturally, with the patented security of signing PDF documents inside the pad and of encrypting the biometric signature using a public- RSA-key. Furthermore, it comes with the “Secure Mode”, which only uses a reduced amount of data for the real-time display on the PC monitor. Hence, the biometric characteristic of the signature cannot be reconstructed. Other devices on the market encrypt the data transmission, but decrypt the biometric data for the real-time display on the PC. With monitor extensions, even the mouse pointer is moved: The signature can there easily be spied out and captured. With signotec Signature Pads, you have the good feeling to get the highest security for capturing biometric signatures

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Technical Specifications :

Display 10,1″ full- color LCD-Display with 16.7 million colors
Active signing area 217 x 139,6 mm
Dimensions 13-23 x 205 x 280 mm
Text-Display Unlimited number and type of fonts and sizes
Graphics-Display Scroll-function for all graphics up to 1280 x 18000 pixel
Memory Internal memory for 32 images, which can be used for static content (fast switching between different pages) and slide shows
Navigation Unlimited number of screens and hot spots (buttons), scroll function
Security AES- and RSA- encryption of data transmission and encryption of biometrics
Connection HID-USB 2.0. Fullspeed (12 MBit/s) and WinUSB Highspeed (460 Mbit/s), virtual COM-Port optional, Ethernet optional
Terminal server Yes, different integration possibilities, please check support
Sampling rate 500 Hertz, 4D samples
Resolution Display 1.280 x 800 Pixel
Resolution Sensor 43.600 x 27.400 Pixel
Pen Battery-free special pen with replaceable tip
Sensor Hardened glass surface with ER- Technology
Warranty 2 years